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Collaboration vs. working together

Collaboration is of all times

Collaboration is a widely used term between parties in the fields in which Aratis is active. Organisations emphasise that the increase of stakeholders and other interested parties complicate project assignments. This is an important reason to give a more prominent role to the aspect of working together. Aratis endorses the importance of good collaboration, but stresses that collaboration is not only from today, but it has always a major impact on the project result. Over the years it became evident that this mechanism between parties is important to go through projects with good results.

Good collaboration

Due to our extensive experience on the part of our clients and contractors, do we see which opportunities are being missed when there is no connection between the parties. This works in a counterproductive way for a project. We know the pitfalls and believe that with the right attitude and concrete measures a collaboration can be established. The continuous improvement of the collaboration between the parties is one of our main drivers and that gives us the justification to make concrete improvements, especially on the part of the client. The most influence by far can be achieved at the front side of a project. In the UAV-GC contract form, this influence is of crucial importance for a stable relationship between the client and the contractor.

What does Aratis provide?

  • A contract strategy and contract management strategy aimed at the interests of all parties

  • Personality and behaviour are an integral part of tenders by UAV-GC coaching

  • A high level of service by using highly skilled professionals who:

    • Understand the process and the content
    • Have a risk-bearing position in the project
    • Collaborate effectively and who will coach on-the-job
    • Empathise with one another, who will look further ahead and connect parties

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