TenneT Offshore NL – Grid at Sea programme

As a result of the energy agreement, the Dutch government has designated TenneT for the connection of new offshore wind farms. TenneT has set up a programme to deliver a single platform and connection to the Dutch electricity grid, one each year between 2019 and 2023.

About the project

TenneT will build five offshore high-voltage stations and connections (Borssele Alpha and beta, Dutch coast South Alpha and Beta and Dutch coast North) which connect each two 700MW offshore wind farms to the land with two 220 kV (AC) cables. On land the cables are connected to the national high-voltage grid. In this programme, TenneT has a high standard of standardisation and repetition of the five projects.

Contract management

Aratis supports TenneT’s Offshore NL team in the field of contract management for the realisation of the Grid at Sea programme since 2015. The team of Aratis at TenneT has grown along with the programme.

Michael Stoelinga
Michael Stoelinga
With his international experience as a procurement and contract manager, Michel has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience with which he determines and supervises the best contracting of projects.
Read more about Michel
Floris Heijckmann
Floris Heijckmann
Floris has over 8 years experience in the offshore wind industry and has fulfilled several managerial roles.
Read more about Floris
Bastiaan Burger
Bastiaan Burger
Bastiaan has extensive experience in the development, engineering and construction management of renewable energy projectsRead more about Bastiaan

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