Shahnam has gained extensive experience in the discipline of Construction Management & Engineering at contractors and clients, especially on the process side of multidisciplinary and complex projects.

As a partner within Aratis, Shahnam is the head of Aratis System Experts B.V. with a focus on process management and systems engineering. He is responsible for the creation and application of the Aratis quality management system PIMS (the tool for integral project management). Besides that, he is also responsible for the deployment of experts and the design of good processes.

His main task is to translate complex issues within project and line organisations to a clear approach. Shahnam is very experienced in the design and implementation of project control processes and specific methods within the infrastructure and energy projects. His calm and accurate approach ensures that the right conditions are created for a controlled implementation and the achievement of the project goals. His extensive experience of projects in the implementation phase enables the client to have a solid project management.

It is important for Shahnam to operate on the side of the clients during all phases of the projects, from the phase of pre-contract to operational management.  Another important goal motive for Shahnam is the continuous improvement and creation of custom made processes, so that they are fully connected to the customer demand and the project interests. If requested, Shahnam advises on the strategic level on the contractor’s side.

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