Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

One XS Non-Schengen E, F and G piers

With the One XS Project, Schiphol Asset Management has changed its security process of Non-Schengen flights to Central security (control for access to the lounges). It involved a complex project with different challenges in the safety, quality, time and interests of end-users. The operational process had to be ensured.

Reford Project Management

Reford Project Management, a subsidiary of Aratis for airport projects, has supported the total programme in a dedicated team in the role of contract adviser and technical developer.

The One XS project includes:

  • Overlayers E and F Pier

  • Expand EF area and rearrange the existing one

  • Business Class Lounge (British Airways, ServiceAir)

  • Business Class Lounge (KLM ICA-Lounge)

  • Adjusting arrival filters 1, 2 and 3

  • Installation package Holland Boulevard (incl. Rijksmuseum)

  • Commissioning safety systems (life and critical)

  • Panorama deck

  • Several small additional projects

Main tasks Reford Project Control (subsidiary of Aratis):

  • Coordination of the PvE

  • Review development phases

  • Permit path and design bases

  • Communication to relevant departments, internal customer departments and stakeholders

  • Creating support for technical solutions

  • Coordination of the Commissioning process

  • Acceptance in use (sub areas)

  • Transfer, overhaul

  • Lessons learned – evaluation

René Gielen
René Gielen
Integral project management is René’s discipline. Of analysing and devising solutions that are applicable to all risks that can occur.
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Roy Koster
Roy Koster
Roy knows the world of real estate maintenance like no other and has broad experience in property management and in the development of shop projects.
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Jan Roelof Kooreman
Jan Roelof Kooreman
As a project manager, Jan Roelof directs the quality of the development of a project and the realization
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Jeroen van Staayeren
Jeroen van Staayeren
Jeroen sent on a process of quality assurance and on the quality of, in particular, construction and fire safety.
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Martijn Kuiter
Martijn Kuiter
Martijn took care of the establishment of the asset information and the processes to use this information correctly.
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