Each project offers the opportunity to improve and innovate the approach.

This results in better collaboration, higher quality, longer life of the assets and/or savings. By pooling our experiences from the different disciplines we apply ‘ best practices ‘ and we understand as no other the overall objective ‘best for project’.

Princess Alexia Wind Farm

Nuon Wind – Princess Alexia Wind Farm Princess Alexia Wind Farm consists of 36 windmills with a combined capacity of 122 megawatts. That means electricity for 88,000 households. The wind farm is one of [...]

Schiphol Lounge KLM

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Expansion and new construction KLM ICA-Lounge KLM operates the ICA-Lounge at Schiphol Airport for intercontinental Business class customers. The expansion by new construction [...]

Schiphol Project Luggage

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Project luggage 70 MB. Schiphol is at the forefront of the state-of-the-art luggage system 70 MB and is therefore on its way to [...]

Schiphol Lounge 3

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Lounge 3 Lounge 3 is one of the three original shopping areas after the passport control at Schiphol. For the overall makeover of [...]

TenneT Offshore NL – Grid at Sea

TenneT Offshore NL – Grid at Sea programme As a result of the energy agreement, the Dutch government has designated TenneT for the connection of new offshore wind farms. TenneT has set up a [...]

Schiphol One XS

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol One XS Non-Schengen E, F and G piers With the One XS Project, Schiphol Asset Management has changed its security process of Non-Schengen [...]

Belwind Offshore Wind Farm

Belwind Offshore Wind Farm In September 2009, the construction of the 165 MW offshore wind farm Belwind started. This offshore wind farm consists of 55 wind turbines and 1 offshore high voltage station on [...]

Norther Offshore Wind Farm

Norther Offshore Wind Farm The offshore wind farm Norther is the nearest offshore wind farm in the Belgian offshore wind zone. Norther has a capacity of 370MW generated by 44 wind turbines. [...]

Onshore Wind Farm Slufterdam Maasvlakte

Wind Farm Slufterdam - Eerste Maasvlakte Nuon Wind en Eneco Wind The project wind farm Slufterdam consists mainly of the removal of 18 existing wind farm [...]

Nuon Wind Farm Wieringermeer

Vattenfall/Nuon Wind Wind farm Wieringermeer This large ' repowering ' project consists mainly of partly removing the existing wind farm infrastructure, including the foundations of the [...]

Green Trust Consultancy Development Onshore Wind Farm

Green Trust Green Trust Consultancy is a specialist in wind energy projects. In addition, the right expertise is provided for various customers during all phases of a wind project, so an optimal result will [...]

Overdiepse Polder

Overdiepse Polder Water-board district Brabantse Delta The project Overdiepse Polder is part of the 'Space for the River' programme in which protection measures are taken against [...]

Amsterdam Contract Management

City of Amsterdam Professionalisation of contract management The municipality of Amsterdam has implemented the IPM model for civil engineering projects. One of the core roles in [...]

Haarlem Contract Advice

Municipality of Haarlem Performance-oriented management and maintenance The directing municipality of Haarlem had for the following task: 'To set up a renewed collaboration with the market [...]

Princess Amalia Viaduct

Princess Amalia Viaduct Port of Rotterdam In connection with the limited traffic intensities in the first years after the commercial opening of [...]

Truck parking in harbour area of Rotterdam

Truck Parking Bodaanweg Rotterdam Harbour Area The occupancy rate of the current truck parking in the Waalhaven is so high that the inconvenience of improperly parked [...]