Aratis helps organisations to manage risks so that integral quality gets all the space. It starts with a purchasing strategy and continues in all subsequent phases throughout its life span. That is procurement for us!

Specialist in procurement and tenders

Procurement is for us the international term for purchasing and purchasing of goods, services and works. We are specialists in procurement and tenders, always focused on quality and therefore on contracting the best party for the client.

Quality and experience

Our passion is to make carefully thought-out purchasing plans. We combine our considerations with our experiences for the best strategy. We create a unique purchasing strategy per project so we can contract the best quality. Logically, we often choose for the integrated contract forms (UAV-2012, UAV-GC, Bouwteam, FIDIC, NEC3, DBFM, PPS and alliances) and construction organisation models.

What distinguishes us is the way in which we translate risks into measures, how we avoid pitfalls, how we invent the most clever approach. We cannot go far enough. We do not stop before we are completely satisfied with the purchasing strategy. Therefore we can guarantee maximum quality during the implementation phase of the project.

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