Marsha has developed herself from her background in civil engineering to a senior environment manager in the world of infrastructural projects. She has the technical knowledge and experience, as well as on the contractor side as on the client side. As an environment manager, she is used to work with divergent stakeholder interests.

Committed and focused

Marsha is specialised in managing the interests of the client (e.g. municipalities), local residents, companies, retailers and other stakeholders. She is familiar with the role of environment manager from the municipality and from the contractor. She searches for people who are involved and shares information which leads to satisfaction, even though nothing has been promised yet. All this together leads to a successful and smooth execution of a project.

Initiative and humor

Marsha stimulates cooperation by connection and coaches her colleagues in a credible and convincing way. Thanks to her down to earth approach, she strives for a win-win support among stakeholders and the project itself. Marsha is the source of information for all project stakeholders. She takes initiative, is a positive person and brings a lot of energy with her enthusiasm and humor.

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