Johan connects organisations with professionals to realise projects and achieve their intended goals. He has a background in civil engineering and business and has gained extensive experience in the organisation of Engineering services and project management. He has experienced in the sports of rugby that strong collaboration within and between teams can be the solution for tough project situations.

As a partner of Aratis, he is proud of this agency from which knowledge, experience and skills are applied in various disciplines in order to achieve the desired results for clients. He is the pulling force behind the business development of Aratis and connects new projects to the right consultants. Together with his colleagues, he makes a plan of all the ideas before developing them into services and products.

Johan experiences that the worlds of infrastructure, wind farms and airports are working environments where people as individuals and as a team can develop themselves strongly as well as individuals as in a team. Where the project interests are leading, project stakeholders are fully committed to take broad responsibility.

At Aratis Johan works together with the consultants of Reford Project Management who carry out projects at the airport and on buildings. He increases his knowledge by learning about integrated contracting and personal development.

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Project management

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Menno Wouda

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Contract management

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Hans Sleper

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René Gielen

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Erwin Put

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Pim van der Aa

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Roy Koster

As a technical developer of multidisciplinary projects at airports, Roy works at his best. Yet he also knows the world of real estate maintenance like no other. Due to his extensive experience in property [...]

Hans van Dasler

Engineering is a world of possibilities according to Hans. He excels in puzzling and sorting out, he gets the leak on every issue. During realisation, Hans is active in contract management for climate control [...]

Luc Bax

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Emile Kool

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Erik Rozendal

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Belinda Liebrecht

As an experienced engineer in the development and coordination of construction projects and fire safety, Belinda has developed herself at the intersections of technical content and processes. She has gained additional knowledge and skills [...]

Jeroen Kohlrautz

Jeroen knows Schiphol airport very well, he directs the realisation of sometimes difficult projects in the 24/7 hectics of the airport. As a technical project leader and coordinator, the daily alignment with stakeholders and [...]

Process management

Process management In process management it is of the utmost importance that the contract-related risks are controlled very early in projects. Everything that comes next will be easier! [...]

Ivette Ouweleen

Marketing & Operations linking-pin Ivette is keen to take on challenges to develop herself, so she has switched from the medical sector to our consultancy firm Aratis. After studying Communications and an Italian adventure [...]