With a background in electrical engineering and informatics, Emile has gained his experience with control engineering projects in various environments. He has managed several implementation projects and project teams, using the methodology of PRINCE2 as a guideline.

Emile has experience in different roles, such as a technical manager, consultant, technical project leader, project manager with project-based work, ITIL (incident-, problem-and change management) and working within a delivery organisation.

With an extensive experience in projects in the control technology of railway control and airport ‘airside’ technology, Emile focuses on time, money and quality. At the intersection of software and hardware in ICT projects, Emile directs the way and sticks to his plan. In cooperation with teams and according to clear processes, he takes care of the contract management by testing suppliers.

Best value in operating systems Emile has experience in a extensive range of projects. He has shown a strong individual ‘best value’ in operating systems for the railway network as well as for Schiphol airport.

He prefers to unravel complexity, to set up processes in a clear way and to implement systems.

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