Princess Amalia Viaduct

Port of Rotterdam

In connection with the limited traffic intensities in the first years after the commercial opening of the Tweede Maasvlakte, the first instance opted for a ground-level intersection on the Maasvlakteweg at the height of the Princess Amalia Haven. At the level of this intersection, several roads are crossed with a single rail line, a piping strip and the Container Exchange Route. The increasing activities on the Tweede Maasvlakte will also increase traffic flows. For the purpose of a fixed attainableness of the container terminals, the Port of Rotterdam replaces the level intersection by a non-level intersection: The Princess Amalia Viaduct.

Contracting strategy and UAV-GC contract

Aratis has played an important role for the Port of Rotterdam, together with the procurement department, in determining the contracting strategy and the draft of the UAV-GC contract. In addition, Aratis has determined the contractual management strategy and provided the contract manager during the design phase of the realisation.

Aratis approach:

  • Efficient and effective control strategy

  • Application of the SCB framework

  • Pleasant, constructive and professional collaboration with the contractor and our own team

Michiel Goosens
Michiel Goosens
Michiel is a senior contract manager and project manager in the GWW sector with an open mind for innovative contracting.
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